Video Game Localization

Video games are my field of expertise. I always stay current to the industry and I am well versed in multiple genres and platforms.  Personally, I have a soft spot for rhythm games, fighting games and puzzle games.

Audiovisual Translation

My experience allows me to produce a wide variety of translation genres, including but not limited to documentaries, films, series, cartoons and anime. I can also overlay Spanish translations in the video!

Comic Translation

Are you a comic artist or publisher? Broaden your audience by translating your masterpiece into Spanish. Professional editing, layout and lettering services are also available.


Subtitles will help your international audience grow and understand your content in your language. With my expertise, I can craft industry-standard subtitles that are easy to read.

Software and Mobile Apps Localization

More linguistic services

Transcription, memory alignment, glossary management… you name it!


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I’m more than happy to help you with your project.